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Freelancers in secure IT,
efficient cloud and smart things.

What we do Who we are

IT and Infosec

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We assist and provide consulting to IT teams, whether it be for implementing new functionalities, integrating hardened services or securing systems and data.

Cloud computing

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We devise advanced cloud solutions leveraging orchestrated virtualization, to efficiently handle huge workloads or to deploy services with high availabity.

Smart systems

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We provide solutions for mobile and smart systems, including innovative technologies such as blockchain-based networks and smart contracts management.

Brian Amedro
Brian Amedro, CTO at ActiveEon

Gaetan is a very talented system engineer. He adapts very quickly to projects’ technical and functional needs and delivers a very high quality work. As an Activeeon employee, then as a freelancer with pard0x, he proved several times his skills, being in charge of complex time constrainted projects. Gaetan is a confident, hard worker and enthusiastic person. It is always a great pleasure to work with him.

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